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Special Features

Crate Training

Does the thought of crate training your pet raise concerns and questions in your mind? Understanding the concept and understanding how the crate mimics the pets' pre-domesticated caving instincts will ease those concerns. Crates provide a safe and secure environment for your pet during the time periods when you are gone or just too busy to supervise the pet's activities. Crate training also guards your pet against injury and eliminates the unnecessary damage a puppy can do in your absence.

All Pet Ranch employees have been carefully trained to help you successfully crate train your puppy. Crates of all sizes are in stock at the Pet Ranch. We are competitively priced and will deliver crates locally as needed.

Pet Snack Bar

Treats sold by the pound - don't take home more than you want or need... AND try just a little product first to make sure your pet approves of your choices.

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